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A Standard Tea Detox Routine Or ‘Teatox‘

A Standard Tea Detox Routine or ‘Teatox‘

When you are on a tea detox, you should first read about the benefits and powers of the tea you use and then learn how you can use them in your daily routine. Once you do, you’ll find that it is actually undemanding and a simple way to go about!


You may have heard this tip before; having boiled water with lemon squeezed into it as soon as you wake up could help enhance the morning detox. This helps in waking up your organs and kick-starting your metabolism. Once you are done with it, 20 minutes later make yourself a morning refresh tea to give you the required quota of daily anti-oxidants, vitamins, and energy boost for rest of the day.


Make a habit of drinking multiple cups of green tea instead of regular tea. You can also choose to have a blend such as green tea with jasmine (3-6 cups as an example). White tea can also be beneficial for you in this case. There are even supplements with Green Tea extract which you can use during this time of the day when you might be busy with work.


As the day ends, prepare a colon cleanse and chose a tea containing Orange Peel , Liquorice root or Lemon Grass

Follow this routine for 7, 14, or 28 days regularly and see the benefits they could offer you. Some can even experience weight loss just by including this routine with a little change in their food plans and daily exercises. It is therefore said that Detox teas are full of health and weight loss surprises!

In conclusion..

You will certainly not have washboard abs overnight, like those women that you see on Instagram sipping green tea! But detox teas do have virtues that will allow you to purify your body and help promote weight loss in the long run. The real body detox effect lies more in eliminating toxins and purifying the body than significantly reducing its waistline. Be careful not to consume too much (not more than a litre per day)!

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