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Can Tea Improve Your Mood?

Can tea improve your mood?

Want to improve your mood? Want to enhance your creativity? Research conducted in Peking university us that the act of making and drinking a cup of tea can achieve both!

When compared to having a drink of water, the act of preparing and drinking tea found statistically significant improvements in mood and creativity in the tea-break group compared to those drinking water. Tea contains caffeine and theanine, which improve mental speed, accuracy and focus. However, the effects of tea can be seen before the chemical response is able to take effect.  So, it would seem, as well as the benefit of having a break from work – which of course applied to both groups, the scientists felt the positive impact on the tea-drinkers was also likely to be a combination of the tea making ritual, the smell and the taste of the tea.

This research confirms what many of us already feel about the benefits from getting up from your desk, wandering into the kitchen and making a cuppa.  However, making tea with a tea bag doesn’t feel to have quite the same ritualistic element than the theatre that can be achieved with loose leaf tea – and it’s better for the environment to boot!

Why not have a tea turtle monthly subscription of loose-leaf tea delivered to your place of work and have three different tea options for different times of the day and see your creativity flow!

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