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Difficulties In Buying A Father’s Day Gift

Difficulties in buying a Father’s Day gift

Sadly my dad isn’t with us anymore, but when he was I’d given up on trying to find the perfect present and conceded to giving him a thoughtful card when Father’s Day came around. Well I have a theory as to why it’s so hard to buy Father’s Day gifts and why we wait until the last possible moment to hit the shops, supermarket or DIY Store hoping for a small miracle. If you are also feeling the confusion and doubt, well take heart, because dad isn’t making your decision any easier.
My dad didn’t seem to really need or want anything (within my price range). When I ask him if there is something he’s had his eye on lately, he’d just shrugs and say, “I don’t know. Don’t spend your money on me.” While the sentiment is a kind one, it was frustrating to come up with dad gift inspiration all on my own — and it seems I’m not alone.
A Psychologist interviewed several dads about their gift preferences in anticipation of the Special day and all she got out of them was vague responses ranging from “Oh, nothing” to “I just want my kids to be happy.” She found that if dads were forced to answer the question homemade cards and Drink based gifts were among their top choices.
Therefore if you’ve hit an age where breaking out the craft supplies and crayons fill you with dread why not introduce him to the world of loose leaf tea with a teaturtle subscription.

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