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Ethical & Sustainable Packaging

Ethical & Sustainable Packaging

One day not so long ago Joy my close friend and now fellow teaturtle co-owner brought to my attention the fact that tea bags had polypropylene in them….. in other words plastics.

The well known tea brands were even proudly claiming that their teabags were 70-80% compostable. Well hang on a minute, doesn’t that mean 20-30% aren’t!!!!

If I’m honest I’d always tipped my hat to recycling but never really classed myself as an Eco-junkie. However I do drink a lot of tea and having heard about this it seemed all I was reading about was plastics and the effect it was having on the environment and eco system.

Couple this with everybody seeing the Attenborough program, an idea was born to develop a completely Plastic Free, Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Service. We placed great importance on using packaging from environmentally and sustainable sources. Therefore everything from the bags the Loose Leaf Tea is packed in to the label we use are entirely recyclable or compostable.

We start by packing our Loose Leaf Teas in EarthFirst PLA film bags made from plants like Corn, Cassava, Sugar Cane or Beats which are sustainable crops. All in all this means the product is completely compostable.

The teaturtle Loose Leaf Tea Subscription box is also sustainable by nature. Thanks to its organic content, paper and starch glue, it’s a genuinely natural product. The materials used to make the box are from healthy, thriving sustainable forests which provide benefits to society and guarantee biodiversity. Our boxes are 100% recyclable, becoming new paper again and again.

Even our address labels have been designed to be environmentally friendly in terms of the manufacturing process and materials used to make sure they are compostable.

Although I am still far from a Eco warrior, with my involvement at teaturtle I feel I’m taking a step down the road to making positive changes for the world around us.

Oh…. And the teas much better too.

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