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Frequently asked questions

How much is delivery?

For UK customers joining our Monthly Tea Subscription we deliver free of charge, all you pay is your monthly amount. We deliver teaturtle boxes outside of the UK for an extra £2.99 per month which is applied at the checkout

What exactly do I get each month?

Every month you will get a delivery of gourmet tea. In our mixed box there will be three different teas of 40 grams. Our speciality boxes will have 120 grams of your selected tea either Breakfast, Green or Wild Tea.

When will I get my tea?

You should get your tea around at the start or middle of each month depending on when you start your subscription give or take a few days depending on holidays.

Will I need to be in when it arrives?

No, we send your tea in letterbox friendly recyclable packaging so it can be pushed through without a signature.

How much tea will I get?

You will get 120 grams of tea in total, either 40 grams of three teas in the mixed box or 120 grams of your chosen tea in our speciality boxes. Either way you’ll have enough tea for 60 cups

How do you know which teas to send me?

Our tea experts select three new teas each month for you to try these will be chosen taking into account unique tasting notes, seasonality and variety

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Of course. We want you to be totally happy so if you ever want to cancel all you need to do is LOGIN to your ACCOUNT. Look for the cancel button. You can also pause your subscription via there.

How is it different from buying tea from the supermarket?

At teaturtle we believe it’s totally different, for a start most teabags contain plastics which can leak toxins, couple that with the fact the most teabags are filled with low quality tea called fannings or dust. Even if you do buy loose tea from a supermarket it won’t be not as fresh as loose tea from teaturtle which is shipped to you at its freshest.

When will I get billed & is it secure?

If it’s your first purchase from us, we’ll charge your card immediately. For recurring payments, the cards get charged at the time your subscription renews monthly, so either the middle or end of the month, depending on when you started your subscription
If you pay your subscription in advance by selecting to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months we will usually give you a discount for doing so. This will then auto re new and the original card will be charged at the end of the period unless you request for the membership to be cancelled.

How does delivery outside the UK work?

You can still subscribe to teaturtle if you live outside of the UK but a small monthly delivery charge of £2.99 will be applied at the checkout and each month we will take from your payment card along with your monthly tea club subscription.

Each month brings a new Tea Box with an exciting selection of Loose Leaf Teas from around the world.

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