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Is Green Tea Good For You?

Is green tea good for you?

There has been much speculation regarding the potential health benefits associated with green tea. So, in a series of blogs I’ll attempt to summarise the best available evidence relating green tea to a range of potential health outcomes – the first will look at blood pressure.

Hypertension (high blood pressure), is one of the most common chronic health conditions worldwide and is a known risk factor for cardio-vascular disease(including, heart disease and strokes). Therefore, it is important to uncover lifestyle changes that might be associated with lowering blood pressure that can be used alongside, or even without, medication.

In 2014, the science journal ‘Nature’ published the findings from a systematic review looking at the impact of green tea consumption on blood pressure. A systematic review is a well-established technique for identifying and summarizing the evidence available on a particular topic, taking into account the quality of the research. This review – which pooled the results from 13 randomised controlled trials (thought of as the most reliable source of information) indicated that green tea consumption led to a decrease in blood pressure.

So, how much green tea does the evidence suggest we should be drinking? In another large study of over 40,000 Japanese adults published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was found that two cups per day was enough to reduce cardio-vascular mortality by 45% amongst women.

Overall the research evidence does appear to show that green tea consumption is linked to lower blood pressure – so, why not sit back and enjoy 2 cups of loose leaf green tea a day from your teaturtle subscription, you never know it might be one of the easiest way to a healthier lifestyle with minimal effort!

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