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We are a small, independent company operating from the edge of the Yorkshire Dales that has come together through our children’s love of football.

Joe is the foodie – having originally trained as a chef, he still works in the food industry in the provision of fresh produce to restaurants.

Mitch is in sales, he’s our packaging guy, an absolute tea snob and a total convert to the pleasures of loose leaf tea.

Joy is the eco one, whilst her day job is totally unrelated in higher education, it was the decision to try to reduce plastic in her life (yes, we all saw the David Attenborough thing) that she realised the difficulty in buying plastic-free tea, that the seed of an idea was born!

My two cups a day...


I don’t consider myself fully operational until I’ve had my first cup in the morning. I generally try to persuade one of my kids to make it for me, but obviously this is a rare event! Always with milk, always in my dressing gown, always on the sofa in our kitchen (radio on) trying to block out the morning mayhem. It’s only when I’m done that I feel somewhere close to being ready to find the absent PE sock or go through those spellings again.

The second I need to give me that boost to get through the rest of the afternoon at work. Post-lunch fatigue has set in, I put aside some time to have my cuppa doing an easy job, like deleting emails (many, many emails) to give me the second wind to get on with something more taxing before home time!


Like Joy, I too am pretty useless until I’ve had my first cup in a morning , it has to be ‘Scottish All Day’ tea, which is strong and perfect with milk, this has to be in my ‘ Skipton born and bred ‘ mug.

Until very recently it was always a Yorkshire tea bag, then I discovered the world of loose leaf tea. Wow!! What a difference, I don’t consider myself a tea snob, but if the flat cap fits and all that, I guess I am.

My favourite cuppa is on a Sunday morning, I get up early, an hour before everyone else, make myself a pot of loose leaf and settle down to Match of the Day. An hours peace and quiet with a nice brew.  What could be better!! My team winning always helps…


I can’t wait until ‘tea at 3’….. I have my first cup after my early stint in the warehouse. It’s not warm early in the morning when I inspect the quality of the days fruit and vegetables that have just been delivered. The thought of my warm office and a hot tea (taken black) keeps me going. To be honest there is also the thought of scrounging a chocolate biscuit from my colleagues to have with the tea.

The last cup of tea I have is just before 9pm and yes I am in my PJ’s, it’s ‘The Rock and Roll’ lifestyle I lead you know….. A cup of ‘decaffeinated Sencha green tea’ this is my favourite, and it’s ‘down time’. Time to relax and nod off on the sofa in front of the football or a drama from the planner. By 10pm  its sweet dreams.

Each month brings a new tea box with an exciting selection of loose leaf teas from around the world.

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