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Putting The Tea Into G & T

Putting the Tea into G & T

Quintessentially British and two of life’s great pleasures, so it makes sense to put them together, Right?

Mixing tea in cocktails isn’t new, the ‘father of all bartenders’ Jerry Thomas was using it to lengthen cocktails in the 1800’s.

This is mainly due to the fact tea mixes really well with Gin, because Gin has loads of botanicals that compliment tea whether it’s Floral or Citrus, they work perfectly.

Green Teas go really well with Gin with fruitier notes whilst, Earl Greys and Breakfast teas are great with Gins with less botanicals and citrus blends.

No matter what your tipple is here’s a couple to try! Cheers!!


Zesty G & Tea

  • 50 ml’s of a Gin of your choice (with citrus notes)
  • 50 ml’s of cold Earl Grey infused with honey (whilst your tea is brewing add 50 ml of honey)
  • Combine the gin with the Tea infusion and top up with your favourite tonic
  • Serve over loads of ice in a balloon glass with a slice of lemon or lime



Earl Grey Infused Gin Collins

How to make Earl Grey infusion Gin.

  • Take 500 ml of a Gin with citrus blends and pour into a jar with 4 teaspoons of loose leaf tea.
  • Leave it for 3-4 hours and strain into a bottle and discard the tea leaves.

How to make the Gin Collins.

  • 40 ml of your Earl Grey Infused Gin
  • 20 ml of a simple sugar syrup
  • 20 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Top up with a tonic of your choice.
  • Add Gin, Syrup and lemon juice to a cocktail shaker and serve in a tumbler over ice.

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